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Our SmartPDFs system is simple from the start. All you do is upload your brochure, magazine or handout in PDF format. SmartPDFs converts this and emails you a short while later with a link to the magazine, ways to link to it and any further information. You get your own public profile page, social networking tools and can even use our code wizards to embed the SmartPDFs into your site and more...


Our system is available to any organisation and costs just £50 per quarter. It gives you tools that really make a difference. You can secure your SmartPDFs through our API or using our NetCommunity single sign-on feature. Track which pages your readers view and zoom to read, even find out who they are by using our Google Analytics integration. To start using this system just set up your FREE SmartTHING account and then contact our team.

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Unlike a lot of our competitors we do not leave you to do all the work. We have a support team available to help you, we can help your produce your PDFs, editing existing PDFs, embed the SmartPDFs into your site and even creating custom scripts which carry out any of your more complicated requirements. To find out more please send our support team a message.

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Educational Events 2012/2013

The Dove House Hospice practice development department is based at Chamberlain Road Hull We provide education to the whole range of staff involved in the care of people with life? limiting illness and bereavement. The people who attend our events and study days come from Schools, Hospitals, Care Homes, the Community, Social Services, other Hospices, service users and members of the general public. This education both assists staff to give up to date quality care to patients and families and raises awareness of the issues surrounding specialist palliative care.
[Published: 20/05/2012 4:00 pm]

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